xCams vs. RealLifeCam: Which site is best?

If you love lurking on webcam shows, you can watch with both xCams and RealLifeCam. But what is the difference between the two sides? And which one should you choose?

xCams is a popular site, but it also costs money if you want access to all the naughty shows on the site. That's why you can choose us instead when you want to enjoy a great show online.

European webcam models

xCams is not the biggest webcam site on the internet and they mainly have European webcam models. However, it can make it extra attractive for those of you who would rather have a European babe on the screen.

The website is basically in English. However, you can filter the models by language if you prefer a Spanish beauty or perhaps the tough German glosses. It is easy to filter the models if you have preferences for both languages, but also broadcasting, and the content of the show.

Free access to shows

When you check in on xCams, you can already access free shows. It does not require you to register or to have a user and log in - you are in immediately.

It, therefore, works in the same way as with RealLifeCam, where you have the opportunity to sniff around the site and watch the various free shows.

However, you must be aware that it costs if you want to have private shows or be sure that a free show develops. Many of the models are online, but have set a target for the number of tips before they actually start their show.

Many different models

There is a wide selection of different types of models on xCams. You can therefore easily find everything from small petite Asian girls, beautiful MILFs or perhaps a shapely Latina. There are always models online and you can browse through the different shows and profiles when you are looking for something specific.

There is also a big difference in what the models do in their shows. You can therefore easily find both solo shows where people masturbate with and without toys, while there are also shows with several models enjoying each other live on camera.

You can get a sneak peek of the show by hovering over a thumbnail on the page.

Price to watch on xCams

Under each thumbnail you can also find various information about the model, such as language and prices for the show.

When you sign up, you automatically get 25 free points, which you can use to test the site. If you want to do more, you need to buy access.

You decide yourself how much money you want to buy credit for on the site. There are different solutions, and the more you pay, the bigger discounts you get on points to spend on the site.

Pros and cons of xCams

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using xCams over our website. The pros are that the website is designed well and there is an advanced feature to filter models and shows. In this way, you save time scrolling through shows when you can easily sort out the right models that suit you.

At RealLifeCam we also have an optimized search function and we have also secured practical categories that make it easy to find active models.

There are free shows that you can watch on xCams, but it is far from all shows. You can therefore end up spending a lot of money when you land on a show that requires payment.
At the same time, there is no access to recordings from streams, which can otherwise be a nice detail if you have a favorite model and cannot watch every single show.