Naughty Webcam Shows: ImLive or RealLifeCam?

In 2011 and 2012 ImLive was voted the best live chat website and it is still a popular site with many models and cam shows. It's not the only webcam site though, and even though they've been around for over 15 years, that doesn't mean ImLive is the absolute best place to watch live shows.

Here you can find out why RealLifeCam is a good alternative if you want to enjoy beautiful models on webcam.

Does work?

ImLive works well, and there are neither long waiting times for the website to load nor disturbances when watching streams. The video quality is also fine, so you don't miss important details. With more than 15 years in the industry, the design and user interface are under control, so you don't waste a lot of time waiting or clicking around aimlessly.

There is easy access to different sub-pages, and the menu is easy and clear. However, the chat system is very common and may need to be updated and optimized. However, it works, and there are no immediate problems with the interface on ImLive.

ImLive cam prices

The prices are very similar to what you find on other webcam sites. There is the payment per minute or the option to pay for access to shows depending on the type of show you want to watch.

It is the models themselves who set the price to watch their live streams. They pay an amount to use the service, but otherwise, they completely decide how much profit they want to make the show.

There are also shows where you pay to get in but don't pay per show. minute. However, these will be shows that many users watch, and you, therefore, do not have the model alone. At the same time, you have paid to watch, so if the show does not develop as you would like and you click out again, you have wasted the payment.

Payment via the website

When the models themselves set the price, you can experience that there is a very big difference in what it costs to watch with per minute. That's why you have to keep an eye on the price so you don't end up spending all your money quickly.

You can choose between different payment solutions when you become a member. The system uses the special cryptocurrency PumaPay, which you buy through the website.

Once you have purchased access to the functions on the website, you can use your points as you wish. They can both be used on cam shows, but you can also tip the models.

Watch the best live shows via RealLifeCam

If you are tired of the many foreign webcam sites like ImLive that require payment to watch, you can always watch via us. We make sure to direct you to the best shows through, and where you don't have to pay to watch the show unfold on screen.

Our website is easy and clear to navigate, and you can easily use our search function to find the model you want to see. Click in now and have a look at the cheekiest models