StreaMate vs. RealLifeCam: Where to watch live shows?

Looking for the best live shows with naughty models just like on StreaMate? We collect all models from the most popular sites for you to watch.

The good thing about sites like StreaMate is that there are many different live sex models you can choose to watch. With StreaMate models from all over the world, there are always some online when you click on the site. You can therefore be sure that there are beautiful and naughty models ready to put on shows when you visit the site.

Good filtering options at RealLifeCam

The website StreaMate has a filtering function so that you can more easily get an overview of the many available shows. This minimizes the wasted time you can otherwise quickly spend scrolling through the many active models. Instead, you get to filter out the models that match your search criteria.

Although has a filtering function, everything is in English and it can be confusing with the many shows, even if you have filtered out the most suitable ones.

At RealLifeCam we make it even easier to find the best live shows. Our search function has been updated so that you don't waste your time finding a show, but easily get started with the best live shows online.

Cheeky live models from all over the world

On the bigger webcam sites like StreaMate you will find models who have worked for several years and have a complete grasp of how to best create an exciting and titillating show. Maybe you have a certain genre or fetish that the experienced models know how to use in their show. It is therefore easy to find your personal favorites among the many different models.

However, there are also new models coming all the time who are new to doing shows. You will therefore not run out of cheeky entertainment when there are constantly new models online.

Payment on

You can watch shows for free via StreaMate, but it requires payment if you want to be able to use the site's various functions. It is necessary to create a user and deposit money into your user account if you want to be able to tip or, for example, go private with a model.

Although there are different amounts you can deposit into your account, you still need to pay if you want to get the full benefit out of the StreaMate site.

That's why you should choose RealLifeCam

Some downsides to the StreaMate site are, among other things:

  • You often miss the nastiest moments in the show because it takes place in private rooms.
  • Often the models will be tipped a certain amount before showing certain body parts or doing certain actions.
  • The design of the website is not updated; it is, therefore, outdated and unmanageable to find around..
  • Advertisements are a big problem with the StreaMate site. You will find that the advertisements load all over the screen when they pop up. They, therefore, interfere with the viewing of your show and you have to spend time finding the intersection and shutting it down before you can continue watching.

At RealLifeCam we have updated the user interface and made it easy and simple when you want to watch the best and nastiest live shows online.