BabeStation: Naughty (and expensive) live shows

If you love beautiful babes, you can visit a webcam site like BabeStation and watch the sassiest live shows. Since 2002, visitors have been able to watch BabeStation cams, where the most beautiful models create spicy content live via webcam.

However, it is also an expensive site, and you must be ready to pay to watch BabeStation TV if you want to use the site. On the other hand, it is free to watch with RealLifeCam if you want to enjoy free and clear.

What can I watch on BabeStation live?

You can watch shows on BabeStation 24/7, so you never have to go to the site in vain. There are models on the site from all over the world and they are online at different times. It ensures content and shows around the clock and every day of the week.

The BabeStation website is not free to use, but there are no hidden payments or fees, as it is clearly stated on the page what the various features cost. You will therefore not get an unpleasant surprise at the end when the amount is deducted from your account if you decide to pay for live shows via the site.

When you register, you get a welcome package with 200 of the website's points, which you can use to pay directly on the site. This allows you to start using the site and watching shows, but you have to pay extra when you run out of the welcome amount.

Nice layout and user-friendly page

The site is nicely laid out, and it is easy to get an impression of the different models. Each model has a profile page where you can see a few pictures of the model, read some information and keep an eye out for when they go live again.

Under the model's profile, you will also get an overview of the prices to see. That way, you get all the information before you decide to click on a show that costs money.

There are many beautiful models at BabeStation, as the name also emphasizes; it is a website with real babes. There is therefore a large selection of beautiful girls, men, and trans people who do shows via the website.

High level with real babes

There should be no doubt that the standard of the models on BabeStation is high. You will only find the best-looking models on the site, which is why it can also be worth the money if you are particularly picky.

Among other things, the website has attracted well-known porn models such as Amber Lynn, who do shows alongside their work as a porn star. You can therefore be sure that the quality is in order – which should also be a requirement when the prices on the site are high.

However, you can also easily find beautiful models via RealLifeCam, where we have a wider selection of different types. Because the most beautiful model may not necessarily be the most daring when you click into the show.

BabeStation TV is expensive in the long run

You have to pay to watch the various live streams when you click in. There is therefore no opportunity to sniff around and watch small clips before you decide on a model you want to see. You pay per minute where you sit and watch, and it can therefore quickly become an expensive pleasure if you shop around to find the best show.

It also costs if you want to enter a private chat with the model. Here the price goes up extra, and you must therefore be aware that using a site like BabeStation is by no means free.

However, there are many other alternatives like RealLifeCam if you want to watch naughty shows without paying the whites of your eyes.

Watch the best shows for free

If you instead want to be able to watch streams and assess whether you want to pay for extra entertainment, you have to start with us. We make sure that you are forwarded to models where there is no cost to follow the show unless you want to go private or tip.

We ensure a large selection of different shows and there are always some models ready to give you an experience of a lifetime.